3 Things To Do If You Are Arrested at a Protest

Today’s tumultuous political climate means more people than ever are taking part in protests and counterprotests. Even if the protest in which you are taking part is a peaceful one, there is a chance you will be arrested. In this worst-case scenario, be ready with these three tips for what […]

3 Cases That Majorly Impacted Censorship in the U.S. Entertainment Industry

Censorship is defined as the banning, deletion or suppression of content, communications and other information. It is generally associated with oppressive regimes trying to stifle free speech and expression. However, it is also used in the context of shielding vulnerable youths from the negative influence of age-inappropriate entertainment. The problem arises […]

5 Drug Abuse Prevention Tips

Imagine every person in your town disappearing. In 2018, more than 65,000 Americans died from drug overdoses. That is about the population of many small-sized cities in the United States. Given this startling number, it is unsurprising why many people turn to online drug abuse courses for help with recovery. For many others, they […]

Three Dangerious Diseases Veterans May Develop: And How Compensation Can Help Those Who Do

Every year, many veterans experience debilitating health conditions that they picked up overseas or in the line of duty. These health problems can be very life-threatening and may occur due to the carelessness of others. As a result, compensation may be possible for these three problematic diseases. Why Veterans Experience […]