Rear-End Collisions Caused by Trucks

A fully loaded commercial truck can be as long as 80 feet and weigh 80,000 pounds. When these vehicles hit a passenger car from behind, they cause extensive damage, with severe injuries and even fatalities to those in the smaller vehicle. “Rear-end collisions account for more than 30 percent of […]

Is FL a No-Fault State?

While there has recently been much debate regarding Florida’s car insurance laws, at this point, Florida remains a no-fault insurance state. Unfortunately, auto insurance companies aren’t always forthcoming with information when it comes to helping their insureds understand their coverages. After all, they are for-profit companies out to make money. […]

What Age Can A Child Legally Decide Where To Live?

Family law requires experts to interpret correctly and resolve family issues. Child custody is one of the issues that must be carefully resolved to avoid creating negative impacts on the children in the dissolved marriage. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the divorce happening between the spouses, children should not be […]