You can never know when you might end up in a situation in which it is no longer possible to pay off your debt. It is a common practice to take loans on expensive items such as cars, houses, etc. While paying off a loan requires job stability, there are numerous instances and situations that might lead to the impossibility to have a stable income for at least some time. This is when collectors and creditors might start calling you and demanding the money. Unfortunately, many loaners continue to face harassing calls and even visits from their creditors, which is not okay. However, with these simple tips and professional assistance from DebtStoppers, you will not have to worry about such calls anymore.

What You Should Do if the Debt Collector Harasses You

While it is right for creditors and collectors to ask for payments, there are, unfortunately, numerous cases when they cross the line and resolve to harassment. Harassing buyers is illegal, and such an attitude might cause various issues such as immense stress, job loss, bankruptcy, and even family problems. This is why there are helpful tips and strategies on how to protect yourself from such misconduct. Here are five ways you can stop debt collector harassment:

  • Learn about the debt. First and foremost, it is necessary to make sure that it is your debt that you are dealing with and not someone else’s. There are many instances when people take loans on another person’s name so creditors do not come for them. Make sure that this loan is actually yours and check the time when it was taken as many old loans might even expire. There is a certain period during which creditors can legally require their payment.
  • Know your rights. Get acquainted with what debt collectors are allowed to do and with which actions they exceed their authority. While they can contact you and ask for your debt, it is illegal to threaten loaners, curse, or share anything concerning the loan with your family members or colleagues.
  • Take measures. Do your research about the collector agency that continues calling. Check its licensing and the timing of the debt. Make sure that they do not breach any laws and report to the respective authorities otherwise.
  • Sort out your payment plan. After figuring out the situation with the threatening calls, it is time to breathe and decide what to do next. Even if the phone calls stop, it is still necessary to think about paying off the debt eventually or closing it in case it is expired.
  • Use professional help. There are law firms that specialize in debt problems and bankruptcy. Contact such firm and receive professional assistance to sort out the issue quickly and painlessly.

DebtStoppers is a bankruptcy law firm that can help with collector harassment and never-ending creditor calls. Simply make an appointment with a professional attorney to study your specific case and find the most effective and quick solution. This will save you money and relieve stress