Recovering from an accident, both physically and emotionally, is tougher than it seems. But if you have a good insurance policy, you have one less thing to worry about. Choose a policy that offers exhaustive coverage for all common car or other personal injuries and has a good track record of providing just compensations to claimants.

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Read on to learn about some of the common causes of car or automobile accidents that California Personal Injury Laws cover.

Type of Negligence Grounds in Car Accidents

While the end result of any accident is detrimental for the person injured, you must know the exact cause of the accident for all legal processes. In California, negligence is the ground for holding someone (driver, owner, car company, car manufacturer, etc.) accountable for an accident. The state law decides how much compensation the claimant should get depending on the severity of the impact and the exact ground of negligence. Here are the top 4 causes of car accidents.

  • Drunken Driving

No matter how many road safety campaigns and awareness programs highlight the dangers of driving under alcoholic influence, people continue making the same grave mistake, and it often costs them their (or someone else’s) lives. Almost one-third of all car accidents happen due to drunk drivers.

  • Drowsiness or Falling Asleep

According to a recent survey by CDC, an alarming 60% of people said that they felt drowsy or fell asleep while driving. A tiring workday is why most people do not get enough rest and have sleep-related issues. The first rule of safe driving is an alert driver. When people do not get sleep, they are not in the best of their cognitive abilities to maneuver a car and meet with accidents. These commonly happen towards the end of the day as people are exhausted from their busy workdays.

  • Collisions with the Rear-End

A car crashing in from behind is probably the most common cause of an accident. It usually happens when the driver cannot control the vehicle and doesn’t maintain a safe driving distance. Speeding or rash driving are two main grounds for a driver to lose control of the wheels and rams into the car in front. Using mobile and listening to loud music are other common causes of distractions that lead to such collisions.

  • Collision from the Side

While such impacts are usually less damaging than rear-end or front-end collisions, a bad situation can become fatal. Faulty airbags, untimely deployment, and other such defects are common causes for severe injuries in this kind of collision.

Summing Up

In addition to the right policy, you must hire a good car and personal injury lawyer if you meet with an unfortunate accident. An experienced lawyer not only helps you understand the various legal aspects of the claim process but also gets you the proper compensation amount.