Operating industrial machines can expose you to several types of injuries, which can put you out of work. Therefore, knowing the most common types is best to help you avoid them and learn whether you are eligible for settlement.

Below are the five most common industrial accidents that an industrial accident attorney handles.


Slipping and falling while working is unavoidable, and many seek the services of industrial accident lawyers for this. From slippery floors and chemical spills, companies must check that there are no tripping hazards that may cause injuries to the workers.

They should provide non-slip shoes and make them a requirement for all the employees. Otherwise, you will be entitled to compensation if you get severely injured, forcing you to stay home to recover.


If you are working in a company handling inflammable chemicals, you should have all the necessary tools and equipment to protect you. You may risk burns if the industry doesn’t have a proper way to store and transport dangerous chemicals.

You will then be fit for compensation based on the burn degree and how much it has affected you and your work. Industrial accident lawyers specialize in such cases and will help you get a deserving settlement.

Falling Objects

Another unforeseeable case is when stored items fall and hit you while working. If the company doesn’t have proper storage, chances are high that objects will fall off shelves and injure you.

It is also common for items in transit to fall and hurt the employees nearby. It explains the need for safe storage and transportation because there is no telling the extent of injuries, especially when the items are too heavy.


Most industries deal with dangerous equipment that can leave nasty cuts on the user in case of accidents. Therefore, the new workers should undergo proper training, and the company should prioritize using safe machines.

If what happened was beyond your control, you are also eligible to ask the company for compensation, especially if the accident prevents you from working.

Heavy and Improper Lifting

Another typical case that industrial accident lawyers handle is overexertion from heavy lifting. As a company, rules should be laid down for the maximum weight the staff should carry such that any amount exceeding that requires help from colleagues or machines.

If the objects are too strenuous, you may hurt your back, joints, and muscles and can fall or sustain injuries requiring you to stay away from work. You will then qualify for compensation accordingly.

Consider the Services of Industrial Accident Lawyers after an Industrial Accident

Based on the experience industrial accident attorneys have gathered over the years dealing with industrial accident victims, their job is to present your case and ensure that you get compensation for your pain and the risk of your life.