If a friend is arrested, what can you do? You may not want to sit by and let him or her sit in a cell. If you want to be there to support and assist during the endeavor, the following are three actions you could take to make the situation a bit easier.

1. Ensure Safety and Wellbeing

Depending on your friend’s current state, the police may or may not know of any medical or psychological conditions. Be sure to provide any details about needed medicines or contacts to assist in keeping your friend healthy and safe.

Deliver prescriptions to the jail, being sure that all information is current on the bottles.

If possible, visit your friend. Take the time to assess the conditions and ensure that proper care is given. Also, use this opportunity to ask about anything outside of the cell that you could handle. Are there pets at home? Does work need to be contacted? Offer to take over some of the phoning and contacting to alleviate the additional burden. Do not speak with the police unless a lawyer is present.

2. Contact Bail Authorities

A judge should review the charges and evidence, determining whether the accused may be released from jail. If this happens, your friend likely needs bail money. Research “how to bail someone out of jail Philadelphia PA” to locate a place that is nearby and easy to work with. Contact the bail bondsmen for assistance with paperwork and transfer.

3. Locate a Lawyer

While sitting in a cell, it may be hard to find an attorney who could adequately handle the case, so you may have more luck with this area. Interview potential firms, finding one that specializes in this crime and has a solid record. Then, put the lawyer in charge of collaborating with your friend.

4. Listen

A lot has probably occurred over the last few days. Your friend may require someone to be there and listen. Once out of jail, call and check in every couple of days. Be sure your bail rules are being followed and that your friend isn’t allowing pent-up frustration to lead to poor choices. Act as a sounding board and encourage positive behaviors.

When someone you care about ends up in jail, you may feel lost and confused. This is a good time to become active, seeking out help and checking on health and wellbeing. In addition, find professionals who can make the process smoother and faster.