Finding the right lawyer is never an easy task. There is no one shoe fits all approach when it comes to law. Each case is unique in its own right. Understanding the case and moving with knowledge requires experience and expertise. How do you go about finding the right one? Often, cases tend to overlap with one another. You need to find a lawyer who provides complete law solutions under one roof. Gertsoyg& Company are here to your rescue. Their team of experienced and well-established lawyers will assist you in various cases. It includes Disability Benefits Denial, Personal Injury, Wrongful Dismissal, Immigration and commercial litigation matters to name a few. Following are some of the different types of cases that their experienced lawyers can handle.

Disability and other insurance claims

Whenever applying for any insurance claim, our biggest concern is denial. It often happens that the companies end up denying the claim. To make such processes easier, it is always best to have a lawyer by your side. Their expert lawyers will help with various claims like Disability and Critical Sickness Insurance Denial Claims, Life Insurance, Mortgage and House Insurance Denial Claims.

Personal Injury

Being injured due to someone else’s negligence can be infuriating. Sometimes these injuries can alter the course of our lives. When this happens, you need to press for claims and fight for what you truly deserve. The lawyers will help you build a strong case and guide you in your fight for the claim. They can help you in various personal injury cases including slip and falls, product liability, Ski accidents, Non-ICBC Motor vehicle injury claims.

Employment and Human Rights Law

If you are facing discrimination at work or have been wrongfully dismissed, it can add to the stress levels. At such a time, you might find yourself to be lost about how to go forward. Having an experienced lawyer can make it easier. Wrongful Dismissal, Mandatory RNA or DNA testing, Discrimination, Violation of Your Human Rights and Mandatory Covid-19 vaccines, are just some of the types of cases they handle.

Family Law and Estate Litigation

When couples are separating, the atmosphere around them tends to be tense. If there is a child, there are a lot more decisions that need to be made. These decisions can often lead to heated arguments. A lawyer can help you to manoeuvre this hard time. Divorce, Custody access, child and spousal support and division of assets are just some of the family law cases they handle. They also handle estate litigation cases like unequal treatment of beneficiaries, insufficient funds, improper will execution and lack of Testamentary capacity.

Immigration Law

Business, Skilled Workers, Family Sponsorship, Provincial Nominees and Self Employed and other programs are some of the types of immigration law cases that they provide guidance for.

Commercial and Business Litigation

In business, everything needs to be paid close attention to. Having a lawyer by your side can make it easier when there is a breach of contract claims, partnership disputes, nondisclosure and trade secret violations.