Jones & Jones LLC is a company registered in Virginia and owns the Jones Park Village in Richmond, Virginia. According to information, Jones & Jones LLC offers Retirement, Assisted Living, Medical, and Home Care to residents in Richmond, VA. The Senior Care Center is located at 7806 Forest Avenue, Suite #BC. The assisted living facility offers rooms to various senior citizens who require assistance with housekeeping or other needs. Their team of professionals are always willing to assist and serve their clients.

Facilities Offered

The Medical Care Center offers two types of facilities. The first is In-Home Care, where people can consult and treat the common medical condition. The second is Out-patient Care, where doctors are just a phone call away. The center also has a pharmacy for their clients who want medications refilled. They also have a food court where people can get meals and snacks to enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Anyone can contact Jones & Jones LLC through their 24 hours’ customer support. One can also check out the Richmond Business Directory to locate their other locations in the city. The Richmond Business Directory lists all businesses in the city so that people will know where to go if they want to purchase any of their products or services. One can also find out about their neighborhood to know the type of establishment that most closely resembles their taste. In addition, the directory also contains business lists such as franchise chains, independent shops, Mom and Pop stores, and small businesses. You can also visit their website to learn more about them and their services.

Services Offered

The Jones Park Village provides residents with room service, transportation, laundry, and food preparation services. It also has a fitness center, pool, clubhouse, and party houses. Some residents may find it difficult to get telephone calls during emergencies. The center provides an answering machine for the residents and security guards to handle calls from visitors to solve this problem.

Business owners can use the center’s fax services. Other services provided by the center include housekeeping, landscaping, and pest control. The residents at the center are very helpful, and they have many resources that anyone can tap into. It is very common for residents to suggest ideas to people who can consider this when running their business. This can be a great opportunity for upcoming investors trying to find their way into the business industry.


People living in the Jones Park Village may be intimidated by outsiders because of the village’s reputation over the years. However, the community is very welcoming to new people. Many residents attend church and other activities, and many hold regular jobs outside of their residence. The Jones Park Village is also very strict with its code violations. If you want to rent a unit in this complex, you must follow the center’s rules. This facility has served many people over the years and is among the most recognized facilities in the region.