Alcoholism is a grave problem facing most states globally. Driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances is a crime and can result in accidents, injuries, fatalities, and other unwanted mishaps. If you’re charged with a DUI case, the consequences can be severe. The offenses attract hefty fines and are pretty complex. In such a case, you’ll need a DUI lawyer to help you in the legal process. The professional will prepare the best defense to help you get a lenient penalty. However, multiple factors influence such cases, and understanding them goes a long way.

Let’s learn about them:

  1. Breathalyzer tests

The breathalyzer test can influence your DUI case in various ways. Was it performed, and what is the outcome? Typically, these tests yield a significantly higher result than blood alcohol tests- taken at the same duration of time. The tests a somehow unreliable but are still helpful in court determination.

 If you’re stopped for drunk driving, don’t accept to take a field breathalyzer test. If your case is built upon such a test, you may face a wrongful conviction. You’ll then need an experienced attorney such as this Clear Lake criminal lawyer to help you out.

     2. Blood tests

The blood test is yet another critical factor. DUI cases include blood tests for alcohol and sobriety. They also give the police enough evidence against you and never give you the chance to clear yourself. Also, some drivers fail the sobriety tests when sober, and this happens in cases of illnesses or drugs taken to treat certain health conditions. Although it’s good to have a DUI blood test, these are not very accurate, and a DUI lawyer can pinpoint some mistakes.

  1. Driver behavior during the arrest

How you act during arrest also influences your DUI case. The prosecutor can use the test results to prove that you were indeed intoxicated during the time of the arrest. Although you may want to decline the tests, be polite and calm when stopped for DUI suspicion. 

Also, don’t respond to any questions without an attorney. You’ll only be arrested when there’s enough probable cause, so don’t give the police reason to arrest you by being rude.

  1. Your actions when diving under the influence

Your actions while driving under the influence also matter. Suppose you hit someone or commit other traffic violations on the road, you raise your chances of DUI conviction. Such actions give the police officer a reason to pull over your vehicle, which complicates the issue.

  1. Your choice of attorney

While there are ay DUI lawyers available, your choice plays a vital role. Some lawyers are very experienced and can fiercely defend you in your DUI case. They may know the best techniques to defend you and ensure that you get a favorable court outcome. This is to say you should hire the best attorney in your state.

 As mentioned earlier, DUI cases are complex, and the prosecutor can determine your case using field tests. However, a good lawyer can present proper evidence and raise your chances of getting off the DUI without a license.

How will a DUI attorney help?

DUI cases are serious offenses, and first-time offenses attract a lesser penalty. Nonetheless, you require legal expertise to get off your charges. A DUI attorney will gather evidence and offer the best legal representation. They will argue your case in court and point out any mistakes in the evidence presented. 

What’s more? The lawyer will help you understand the charges, the likely penalties, and how the legal process works. The expert will manage the case on your behalf and fight for your rights.

In summary

DUI driving can land you in jail, and you need an attorney to help you out. Such cases can be frustrating, and the attorney will manage it and handle all the paperwork involved. They will also defend you to ensure that you get a favorable outcome.