Being confused and traumatized after a car accident in Miami is normal. However, you have to try to remain calm and act right to protect your rights after the accident. Remember that what you do next can impact your chances of obtaining restitution for your injuries and damages. But worry not because here are some answers to common questions about Miami car accidents.

How do I act after a car accident?

The first key thing to do if you have recently been in a vehicle accident of any type is to look after yourself and any other people present. Why does this matter? If you or anybody else has been hurt, they should get the appropriate immediate medical care at a certified car accident clinic in Miami.

You should notify the local law enforcement agency in case the accident is so extensive that there are injuries or significant property damage, whether it includes a vehicle or not. This will allow them to send an officer to the scene to write a report. Later, the report and medical records will be crucial evidence when seeking compensation.

What must I disclose to an investigator?

Be truthful. Giving a police officer false information when reporting a collision is illegal. Some people are concerned that their words could be used against them; however, according to Florida’s rules on auto accidents, “reports or statements may not be used as proof in any trial, civil or criminal.” This holds for any statements you make to compile a crash report. However, most attorneys recommend that people use their right to remain silent when arrested following a collision and have received a proper reading of their Miranda rights.

Who covers the cost of the damage?

Initially, your insurance covers you. Every driver in Florida must pay because it currently operates a no-fault system. Each driver must have $10,000 in property damage liability and personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. Inform your insurer if you are hurt so they can cater to your treatment bills and other recovery-related costs.

You can only bring a case against the negligent motorist after a severe collision. You can contact a Miami car accident attorney for further information about Florida’s no-fault insurance regulations. Laws about auto insurance can swiftly change, so check back frequently.

When will my claim settle or go to trial?

The duration after an accident can range from a few months to a year. When your lawsuit settles will mostly depend on numerous case factors that your attorney must evaluate. These elements consist of:

  • How much coverage is available?
  • What level of damage have you sustained?
  • Are you still under treatment?
  • What long-term requirements exist? If, for instance, long-term medical care is required.
  • Have you lost the ability to work?
  • Are you going to recover fully?

Generally, cases can take longer to settle in catastrophic injury situations, such as when a traumatic brain injury occurs, when lengthy surgery is required, or when similar extensive damages are inflicted.

Final thoughts

Engaging a car accident attorney can help you gain more insights into your claim and how to handle it best.