Slips and falls are a common cause of injury. The costs of these injuries can be high, both in terms of medical bills and lost wages from time off work. However, it’s possible to recover compensation for your pain and suffering and for your expenses through an injury claim against the property owner who was responsible for keeping their premises safe.

Here are our recommendations for what to do after a slip and fall accident:

Seek medical attention

Your first step after being injured is to seek medical attention. If you are hurt, call 911 immediately so that you can be taken to the hospital for treatment. Be sure to get a copy of your medical provider’s records from them as well.

Tell the property owner about your accident

It is vital to notify the property owner as soon as possible. Tell them where you fell and who was there at the time of the accident. Also, let them know what happened during your fall. For example: was there water spilled on the floor? Was there any other type of obstacle in their way; were there unexpected hindrances such as elevator doors opening unexpectedly, etc.?

You should also tell them if you were injured because this information can help determine who else may be at fault for causing your injury. If someone else acted carelessly or negligently while working for their company, then they may be liable for paying compensation and damages related to medical bills resulting from injuries sustained during a slip-and-fall incident involving that person’s negligence.

Make an incident report

It’s key to make sure your episode is documented in an incident report, when possible. The property owner, manager or employee who takes down your statement will likely ask what happened, who was involved and what your injuries are.

If there are security cameras on or near where your accident occurred, getting footage from those cameras may help prove who was at fault for causing your injuries.

Get a copy of the medical provider’s records

It is important to get copies of all medical records. The following are the types of records that should be requested:

  • Doctor’s notes
  • Hospital records (admissions, discharge summaries and lab results)
  • X-rays and other tests performed on your body during treatment at the hospital or clinic
  • Prescription drugs given to you by doctors/nurses while under their care; these may include antibiotics or pain medication
  • Bills for any services rendered by health care providers

Obtain photos of the scene and your injuries taken after the fall

You should take photos of the scene and your injuries before the area is cleaned, straightened and rearranged. This can be done with a camera or cellphone.

The following are some tips for taking photos:

  • Take photos from different angles so that you can show how far away you were from any hazards or objects that may have contributed to your injury (e.g. if there was broken glass on the ground).
  • Take pictures of any damage caused by falling onto sharp objects (e.g. broken glass).
  • Take pictures before treating any injuries because it’s important to document their severity at this point in time.

You can recover money from your fall

You may be able to recover money damages and compensation from the property owner as a result of his or her negligence which caused your accident. This may include compensation for your pain and suffering and damages to cover your expenses for medical care and lost wages.


After a slip and fall, you may have many questions about what to do next. We hope this article has helped you understand the steps you should take, including pursuing your legal remedies for compensation and damages. We encourage you to contact an experienced slip and fall attorney  who can help guide you through the process from start to finish!