No one desires to end up in a car accident case, but unfortunately, there are millions of people who meet a car crash in a year and thousands lose their lives. Don’t be surprised if it’s your turn today. But you can’t control your future, what you can do is learn some tactics that will help you deal with the situation. Below are a few tips that you should do and don’t if you are injured in a car accident in Seattle.

Things you should do 

After a car crash, if you are conscious, the first thing to look is for any injuries you might have. If you were traveling with passengers, check if they are all right. If someone or you are severely injured, call for medical help. Saving your and your passengers’ lives should be your first concern after the accident.

If your injuries are minor, then look around where you are. If you are in the middle of a busy road, move your car sideways. If you have it in the middle of the night and the place is dark turn on your headlight. It will indicate that you are present there and save other drivers driving by.

After clearing out the ways, call the police and wait for them to arrive. In the meantime click pictures of the accident spot and your injuries along with your damaged vehicles. These photos are important and will help you in the course of your lawsuit. You can also make videos if you please.

Till the police arrive, take constant numbers of witnesses who are present and willing to give testimonials. Also, note down the phone number of the other party’s driver. 

When the police arrive, give them an in-depth account of the situation and how did it happen. Answer every question they ask patiently.

Things you should not do

The first thing you should not do is lose your mind after the accident. Panicking in such a situation will worsen the case. Secondly, do not run away from the situation. It might make people think that you were responsible for the accident. 

Do not lie to the police and if you are not sure about something you are asking, do not answer them by making any assumptions. If you are unsure of anything tell them that. Lastly, never accept your mistake.