Defining health care POA

It is very important for people, especially the elderly to make conscious decisions on how health care decisions should be taken on behalf of them under circumstances when they are incapable of taking these vital decisions on their own. Health care power of attorney is one of those enforceable legal documents that allow the principal to appoint an agent that can carry out specified actions related to health / personal care based on specific directions of the former in such situations.

Given the importance of health care POA and the level of power it offers to the agents, it is very necessary that the principals are very careful while creating this power of attorney so that no loopholes for foul play are left open.

Points to include in health care POA

Also known as power of attorney for personal care, a strong rather fool proof document should contain the following inputs without fail…

  • Naming a trustworthy agent – Here it is best to appoint a trusted individual that has nothing to gain from the death of the principal. This will ensure that the interests of the principal under critical situations are handled fairly.
  • Being aware of State specifications – Every individual state has its own laws and regulations regarding medical POA. Being aware of these specifications can help prevent legal issues later.
  • Acquire proper legal health care power of attorney forms – While most states allow you to draft a POA on your own, there are others that insist on using proper legal forms that can either be acquired from government offices or downloaded for free from trusted online legal platforms.
  • Specifications are important – Here, you have to mention in details the type of action your agent is required to take under specific situations like life incurable diseases / ailments, accidents etc.

Lastly, you need to be aware of the exclusions in power of attorney for personal care. For example, health care providers like doctors; nurses etc cannot be your agent. If you have mentioned such an individual as your agent, the POA can be declared void. You may download Texas power of attorney and other legal documents online here at this website –