Being sexually molested or assaulted is an uncomfortable affair. You need to hire a socal clergy abuse attorney to help you in your case for this reason. The media has, over the years, exposed issues of clergy members preying on kids.

The depths of suffering caused by the abuse are out of this world. Victims should be protected, and justice served to them.

The legal solution to clergy abuse

Adults and children are the primary victims of clergy abuse. The harassment occurs as a parishioner of a particular religious group or in a work environment. It comes in veiled sexual comments, sexual innuendos, or any other illegal sexual actions.

Innocent children are forced to perform sexual acts or hold private discussions about their genitals. These crimes are serious and should be handled in a civil lawsuit. The law should take action against the church and the individual performing it.

How do you take legal action?

In South California, you can be helped by a child sexual abuse lawyer. The catholic church, in particular, has been accused over time of clergy abuse. It is also vital to stay vigilant of any sexual harassment. The first action a victim is supposed to take is reporting to the concerned authorities.

Who can commit the abuse?

Different types of religious leaders commit these atrocities. They include;

  • Church staff
  • Rabbis
  • Pastors
  • Priests
  • Other religious workers
  • Ministers

Ways of preventing clergy sexual abuse

The clergy faithful is tasked with the responsibility of reporting any suspected case of child abuse. The statistics about children abused by the clergy are scarce since they do not talk about it. A sexual predator can use as many children as he pleases.

If found guilty, those who concealed information about the abuse are also in trouble. To ensure the success of these cases, there is a need to have skilled attorneys who can handle clergy abuse lawsuits effectively.

The independent compensation program for survivors of clergy abuse

It is a program that was founded by the catholic diocese in California. It helps victims of clergy abuses to continue with their lives after the sexual trauma by reimbursing them.

However, people are advised not to register with this compensation program. Once you sign up with them, you cannot file a claim against the responsible diocese. To learn more about the program, engage with experienced lawyers who will guide you.

Civil litigation allows the victim to be compensated for any harm caused by clergy abuse. The survivors can air their grievances.

Parting shot

If you are affected directly or indirectly by the clergy abuse, reach out to the authorities involved. You will be granted the justice that you deserve. Most professional attorneys leave no stone unturned when handling clergy sexual abuse cases.

The aftermath of these activities is very unbearable. Children victims are traumatized and their future is in turmoil while adults can sink into depression or, if it comes to worse, commit suicide.